What An Amazing Difference – Or Why a Great Teacher Rocks!

Just thought I throw out a little update on the teacher drama that I had back when school was starting.

I have to tell you that this year to last year is like night and day. Every day when Puddin comes home excited and happy I’m just amazed. I want to run to the school every day and hug her teacher but I don’t want to freak the poor lady out. 

Every day in events totally unrelated to school work I see Puddin’ thinking and relating things she sees and leans back to school. Last weekend at a birthday part she chose a journal out of the grab-bag of prizes so she could write stories for her teacher – not homework mind you, just stories that she thought the teach might enjoy. This is a child that repeatedly refused to finish writing assignments in class last year.

Now that she has a teacher she loves – she’s more vocal about the things that went wrong last year. “Mama, it’s so much nicer this year when it’s time to clean up because instead of yelling at everyone Ms NewTeacher just turns on the clean up music and we all know what to do.”

She’s just doing so much better this year, both with her work and in her behavior. It’s amazing.

I’ve got to find a way to nominate this woman for an award.


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One response to “What An Amazing Difference – Or Why a Great Teacher Rocks!

  1. You could write a letter to her principal about how wonderful she is. It would go in her file and mean a lot to her. Send her a copy as well.
    I’m so glad things are working out for your daughter!!

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