Today’s Business Blog Nosh: You’re Never Too Big To Introduce Yourself

When I first came across today’s post on SmartWomanGuides it reminded me of a episode of Designing Women that I had seen years ago. Charlene had been to visit Charles’ rich and upper crust family for a big dinner and they had made her feel less than equal because she didn’t know her way around a fancy place setting.  Julia was most upset and launched into one of her famous monologues but in there was this little nugget that has always stuck with me…

“Good manners are not something we’re taught to make ourselves took better, they have nothing to do with our self. Truly good manners are meant to help others, the people around us, feel comfortable and happy. That is the point of good manners”

I had never thought of manners that way and that point has stuck with me throughout the years. To use good manners to give the people around me comfort.

Vicki’s post about profiles struck me exactly the same way and I never thought of profiles as being about others, about making them comfortable, and not about me. Creating a personal profile on Facebook or Twitter or on your own blog can feel so braggish, so self serving that often we don’t do it or we don’t do it well. We downplay the very things that will make others feel comfortable contacting us, buying our product, reading our recommendations, or getting to know us. 

This post not only insprired me when writing my bio for Blog Nosh but also got me to go back and re-think the bios I had elsewhere.


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