All New Levels of Vanity – Eyelash Extensions…

So there I was on Dec 19 happily getting my pedicure when I look over at the other side of the salon and notice some woman getting something other than the normal waxing torture done to her in the eyebrow waxing chair. I asked what it was …

“Eyelash Extensions” they said.

“Extensions?” I asked, “How long do they last?”

“10 days! You want?”

“Sure!” I agreed. (Note to self – stop drinking the cheap wine they give you during pedicures.. between the that and the foot rubbing there is no end to what I will agree to)

And so began my love/hate relationship with these eyelash extension things… we’re on day 20 and only a few have fallen out. I’m not sure if I aggravated or addicted.

May I present.. My Eyeball:


So here is what I’ve learned:

  • Much like fake fingernails and hair color this is not a simple 10 day commitment as I first thought. Sure I could forcefully pull/pick them off but it would take half of my real eyelashes with it. You have to wait for the glue to break down for them to fall off naturally and without damage.
  • They take some getting used to
  • This is why all the celebrities have such great eyelashes!! I can now spot them on every TV show I watch.
  • If you are getting this done, do not wear your contacts while they do it. Wear your glasses to the salon. They have to move your eyelid around a lot and your contact will not be happy underneath. Afterwards, contacts are fine once your eye settles down from watering.
  • The glue stings a little eyes a little – it stops after an hour or so.
  • If they itch or burn at first wait it out – it stops after a day or so.
  • You will not need mascara – which is kind of cool
  • Water does not hurt them, do not worry about them coming off in the shower
  • They will fall off separately and you’ll look kind of patchy
  • You can go to Walgreens and buy them and put them on yourself but like all beauty products it’s hard to get it DYI right without lots of practice


Not sure where I’m going to go with it from here… right now I’m in this sort of self maintenance mode with the DYI part hoping that the drug store glue isn’t as strong as the professional stuff ( as is typical with beauty products) so I have more flexibility once the pro ones fall out.



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4 responses to “All New Levels of Vanity – Eyelash Extensions…

  1. looks great! how much?? would it work on my tiny eye?? so tempted!

  2. Ooh, pretty! How much did that cost?

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