Hello Lover…

image So did I tell you that I got a Kindle for Christmas? No? That must be because I’ve been reading non-stop since the minute it was charged up. That’s right reading.


Like a 15 year old teenage girl who’s obsessed with books.


Remember how TIVO/DVR changed the way you watched TV?

Remember how Netflix changed the way you selected DVD rentals?

That’s what the Kindle will do for your reading … Yeah it’s that cool. And you’ll start reading again!

I love the fact that I can download a book anytime anywhere.. on the fly just fire it up the wireless Whispernet or whatever they call it and Bam there is your book. I downloaded a book in the bathtub last week people!!! 

I don’t know how many books I can keep on it but I haven’t hit the limit yet.. so enough okay. And when you’re done you can offload the file onto your computer. It’s yours for keeps you just move it back and forth to the Kindle through a USB cord – the computer treats the Kindle like a drive.

So all those books that you hear about or see someone else reading but always forget the title of when you are standing in the bookstore.. not anymore. Just download now and read when your in the mood.

The books are cheaper this way to.. bestselling hardbacks are $9.99 rather than $25+ so gone are the days of waiting for the paperback to come out and then forgetting about it all together because it takes to long.

Can’t decide which book to take to the beach? Take all of them!! Read what you are in the mood to read, not what you brought.

Read Again!

If you’ve been holding back because of some romantic notion that you can’t give up the feel of a book in your hands .. just do it. The features far outweigh any nostalgic tradeoffs. It will re-open the world of books to you. Trust me.

It’s like when you first got a DVR and felt weird watching a show in delay, because you were 10 minutes behind you were somehow out of sync with the universe but then you quickly came to realize that watching a show in delay without commercials and perhaps back-to-back with other episodes is far more enjoyable.

Or when you skeptically joined Netflix thinking there was no way a mail order service for DVDs would be more efficient than just hoping in the car and running over to the video store. But then you realized that without the impending return deadline you enjoyed the movies you selected without feeling like watching them was homework and you started watching a much broader range of movies because you could queue just about any movie ever made up and surprise yourself with it when it turned up in your mailbox.

I’m not different than you. I love the touch, the feel, the smell of a book. The satisfaction of feeling the weight shift from right to left as I progressed through a thick novel. But this device works. It provides availability in way that bookstores cannot. Portability in a way computers cannot. In today’s digital world it provides opportunities for us to read books again.

Will I throw out my dog-eared copy of Pride and Prejudice? No

Will I still buy beautiful box sets of Anne of Green Gables and Laura Ingalls Wilder for my girls one day – You better believe it.

But in the meantime we’re downloading Ramona, Beezus, and Junie B faster than you can imagine and do you know how much I’d rather see my daughter sitting by the fire with my Kindle and sipping some hot chocolate than playing her DS?



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4 responses to “Hello Lover…

  1. This is one of the best descriptions of Kindle love that I’ve seen in a long time. You wonderfully convey the renewed excitement of reading on this device, which made me smile. I hear this level of passion over and over in interviewing guests for my weekly audio podcast, The Kindle Chronicles. I, too, have been a lover of books and am surrounded by a precious collection in my room. But the reason I love them is for the words they contain, not the paper and ink. Anyway, thanks for a great post!

  2. I haven’t tried the Kindle yet, but I was wondering how much text you could see. Is it a whole page’s worth? And then I wasn’t sure if “page turning” was a pain, or if it didn’t matter. And how well can you see it outside? And do you have to pay some other fee to be able to download books from anywhere?
    Still, all the advantages you mention are totally selling me on the thing.
    And is your blog post title a reference t the episode of Sex and The City where Carrie utters those very same words?
    And could I ask you MORE questions? (kidding. that’s it. that’s enough, isn’t it?)

  3. LOL Margaret let’s see if we can tackle some of these questions for you.
    1. The size of the font is completely adjustable and the screen just displays the maximum amount of text for that font size. So there are no pages in the traditional sense. There is a very simple graph across the bottom of the screen that lets you know how far in the book you’ve progressed.
    2. Page turning is actually too easy. My one piece of feedback for the designers would be that the paging buttons are too easy to click.
    3. You can read it outside as easily as you can a book. It’s not a backlite screen so sunlight is not a problem. You need a light to read it dim lighting just like you would a book page.
    4. There is no extra charge for the wireless dealy connection thingy. Pretty much it just dials up Amazon but I think you can get books from other sources to read on it – I haven’t tried that yet so I’m not that much of an expert.
    5. Should I also confess that I tend to call my Nikon D 50 the “Precious” ala Gollum from Lord of the Rings?

  4. Too funny! Our priest pulled a Kindle out today to quote a book passage. It was the first time I saw one “live.”

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