Typepad Frustration

Tried installing the new Typepad Connect jazzed up comments deal but as usual with all things Typepad the Advanced Templates instructions are incorrect/non-existent. Sigh.

It says to paste the code after "Find the second instance of the <MTEntryIfAllowComments> tag" in the Individual Archives Template. Well let me tell you that tag doesn't even occur once much less twice in my file and I checked the standard three column default template code as listed in the knowledge-base and it's not there either.

Have tried searching the knowledge-base for any hint of other instruction… there is none.

Clearly I have comments so … I have no idea where to go next.

Typepad like a bad boyfriend you disappoint again and again. You make WP look sexier and sexier.



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7 responses to “Typepad Frustration

  1. Just curious what happens when I try to leave a comment now that I did have the stuff it said to do and can’t do the rest.

  2. Well at least it didn’t seem to break anything

  3. You are much braver than I am–I’m still in Blogger. I’m trying to gear up to take the WP plunge.

  4. Thanks for the comment test Deb. I don’t know about brave.. More like
    a started on Typepad for no particular reason and have been to chicken
    to change even though WP seems to be more feature rich. TP has been
    promising to step up and compete but they never make anything easy and
    their instructions are always written as if you were on their
    programming team and understand the platform inside and out – they
    assume a lot and skip details.

  5. Thanks for the help on this guys – in case anyone else has this problem and has stumbled across this the answer was that the instructions should have said to use the individual entry template instead.
    Kudos to Typepad for coming up with the solution after I whined about them all other the place yesterday.

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