Now I better come up with something exciting to say

So I spent several hours last night tinkering with my comments section so it looked all fancy and fun … and I’m thinking well that was interesting but ultimately useless unless I start coming up with some vastly more interesting blog entries that what I’ve been doing lately because let me tell you they have not been comment worthy in the least.

And not that this is going to be but here is a Friday grab bag of random bulleted things:

  • I have somehow found myself volunteering to be Team Mom for softball this season. I’m not one of those participating Mom kind of people so this is surprising. We’re with a new league this season and at try-outs all the other moms clearly knew each other so I think this was my desperate attempt to fit in and be popular. Have you met middle school me yet? She was joiner and a kiss-up. Only later did I become snarky and surly.


  • In the last week I have had all my parts and pieces picked at and viewed and palpated and whatever else – except my teeth , still need to schedule that one -but the good news is that all tests and screenings came back negative and it is relatively reasonable to assume I might live another year.


  • I completely wiped out my hard drive, reformatted it and re-installed vista from scratch and it’s actually quite nice when everything is working properly.


  • I think I might have made one of my friends mad at me and I don’t know how. She’s acting different and distant though and I wish she would just say what I did so I can apologize.


  • I’ve become very interested in Facebook, some interesting people from the past are showing up on my radar. Ones I didn’t know that well then but I think are worth getting to know better know that we are all older and wiser.


  • I feel like I stuck in a Twitter rut.


  • I haven’t been taking many photos and this weekend I hope to cure that.


  • The sun is shining and I want to go outside and play


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2 responses to “Now I better come up with something exciting to say

  1. Let me be the first to test drive your comments section. Woo hoo! This is ONE SWEET RIDE!
    I thank you. I’ll be back!

  2. Whoot Thanks for the comment! I have been in a bit of a blogging rut
    lately so I thought that maybe spiffing up the joint might bring me

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