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11 responses to “42

  1. Gasp! Is it your birthday? You look fab. Happy birthday!

  2. Thanks Holly! I read your Beaver Hunting story today and I laughed so hard
    tears were rolling down my cheeks. I think it was the arrow pointing to the
    straight face there at the end that got me. Don’t know how I missed that one
    the first time around!! Classic.

  3. D’oh – as I’m sitting send I see that oops IT”S MY OTHER INTERNET FRIEND
    HOLLY!!! Florida Holly not Texas Holly – I’m blaming the Tequila.
    On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 5:53 PM, Melissa Phillips <melissarphillips@gmail.com

  4. Wow, 42 looks good on you!!

  5. what? it must be a typo. you meant 32, right?

  6. Yeah… that’s the ticket!

  7. Thanks! It was a great day

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