It’s Time Get Stem Cell Research Back on Track

Obama has indicated that he plans to overturn the funding restrictions
for stem cell research by signing an Executive Order.
Currently, under the policy set by President Bush, federal funding for
stem cell research can only be applied to human embryonic stem cell
lines derived prior to August 9, 2001.  If President Obama signs an
Executive Order, then many new funding opportunities will be available
for stem cell projects because the current funding barriers will be
Click here to send President Obama a quick message thanking him for his support of stem cell research. 
Getting this
research back on track in the United States will provide jobs and
economic boosts for the companies who were on the leading edge of this
research before it was halted.
The time is now to make this important change in policy.  Because
stem cells have the unique ability to develop into many different cell
types in the body, they are of great value to scientists and
researchers looking for new ways to help cure diseases.


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