The One Where I Commit Blogosphere Sacrilege

You know that little site known as Pioneer Woman – you know the one that totally dominated the Bloggies Nominations this year.. the one with a nearly religious following. Yeah, I totally took her Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich and Metro Man’d it.

I know I know, the internet is going to hate me. The Pioneer Woman fateful might show up at my door and scalp me alive. I have tampered with cowboy perfection.

But see … Her husband has tight jeans and rides a horse.

Mine has hair product and plays golf. It just needed a bit a refinement as far as we were concerned.

Her sandwich is made of this (Photo credit Pioneer Woman) …


All fine ingredients but …. it just seemed to missing a little panache (photo credit me)..


We glammed the plain ol’ sandwich up with some:

  • EverGlades Seasoning (actually this was a substitute for the Lowry’s)
  • Some Baby Bella Mushrooms
  • Honey Mustard (not pictured)
  • Provolone Cheese
  • Dijonnaise
  • oh and Asiago Bread (also not pictured)

I substituted the seasoning for a local product that we just like better. I’m sure that would sit well with most of you but here’s where I’m going to start pissing the hard core off.. I added some lovely Baby Bellas and threw in some Honey Mustard to balance all the Tabasco a bit. When we plated them up on the Asiago Rolls slathered in Dijonnaise, rather than butter, we also threw on some warmed provolone slices just to add a finishing touch. And I served it with a Chinese Cole Slaw.  It was sublime. Simply sublime.

So there you have it.. the Metro Man Sandwich. Our suburban super-bowl dudes loved it.

Don’t hate me because it’s beautiful.


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One response to “The One Where I Commit Blogosphere Sacrilege

  1. I love it! Much better improv. When the pupil surpasses the teacher–well, I’m not sure how that saying goes, but it means you did something good, little grasshopper.

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