The New Smartfood – My New Addiction


OMG! I stumbled on this stuff at the store this morning and I’ve about eaten the whole box.

In fact my only problem with it is it’s way overpriced for what you get 5 little 1 oz packages. But holy crap is it good.

I was intrigued by how they were getting away with using the name Smartfood because to me that name meant the white cheddar stuff but I looked it up and evidently Frito-Lay owned that name so they’ve repackaged the brand I guess.

If you’re willing to pay the price – The new stuff is Yummy!



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3 responses to “The New Smartfood – My New Addiction

  1. This is the third post I’ve read today about food. I’ve had 2 donuts and a Carmello.
    I’m really hungry.

  2. The internet is sad and we’re all stress eating!

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