Softball Mom

As a young child, I was never involved in team sports. I ran track later in life but never played softball or soccer or any of the other league sports as a kid. It was never presented as an option. What I understand now, years later is that my older brother had many years before and my parents just weren’t interested in doing it anymore.

As a parent now I’m torn on this front as well. My oldest loves sports and we make sure she gets to play. We sign her up and take her to practices, we never miss a game. She loves it and fully support her passion.

But man do the other parents make it hard. Especially softball. Basketball we did through a church league and that was okay. No inner snarkiness amongst the parents. But softball man that one is getting to me.

We switched leagues this year because we didn’t like the league we started out in. Way to competitive. I don’t need a grown man yelling viciously at my child when she’s trying her best.  So we changed to one that when we played them seemed to have good coaches, one we had heard good things about.

I’m not the world’s most outgoing person. Who amongst us that prefers sitting behind a computer is. But I decided for Puddin’s sake I’d jump in with both feet and do my best to be a social creature, a softball mom. I don’t know if I’m just not good at it or if it’s just a click that I can’t seem to understand – but man every day I sit in those stands it stresses me out.

This group of AB (advanced skill) moms only talk to each other and that group of lesser skilled player’s moms all sit around and fuss about the coaching – and then there’s the moms who just don’t talk to anyone. Everyone is terribly polite to everyone else but there is such tension.

I volunteered to be the Team Mom and there’s the strange vibe with the coach’s wife – she only want me to handle the parts she doesn’t want to do herself.

I think I’m supposed to organize a team party for the end of the season and no one really seems to want to do anything.

I’m crazy I guess for thinking that it should just be a group of parents happy to be watching their little girls having a good time.

I’m lost.

I don’t know what to do. Or if I’m doing it wrong.

This seems harder than it needs to be. Harder than it should be.


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  1. Do what I did. Bring a book and ignore everyone. Even your kids. lol Me (waving without looking up): Great play honey. Child: MOM!! I’m not playing anything, I’m a cheerleader!! Me (nodding without looking up): Great cheering honey.
    We are otherwise perfect mothers. We have to give them something to complain about. lol

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