The Mommy Blogs are getting boring

Hello pot, I’m kettle.

Let’s just that out of the way right there.

But for the love of god my Feed Reader is damn boring these days. Mostly for the same reasons that have kept me from posting anything remotely interesting lately. Life. The last two weeks of school with all it’s performances and ceremonies and meetings are a time suck. And then there all that lovely weather luring us outside – you know to actually spend time with our families. Don’t worry I’ll be boring dazzling you with pictures soon.

But there is something else going on too… those who are writing – at least in the last week or so – have been droning on and on about the whole Review Blog/MommyBlogger/Who’s Really a Blogger debate and frankly it’s painful. Boring. And painful. Please please please stop. It was remotely interesting over a month ago when it all started but seriously we are all way way over it now.

Stop and go back to talking about poopy and posting pictures of your kids with things up their noses. Cause poop is funny and so is stuff up your nose. I like stuff up the nose stories.  And I like to hear about the funny thing that happened today. Tell me please! I read your blogs to laugh and be entertained, not to think. And certainly not to read some 3000 word rant about how the term Mommy blog is a misnomer or why review blogs are either the evil or the best thing going. Stop!!!

I would kill for a picture of a kid with french fries in his nose or a guess who pooped on the potty/graduated from kindergarten/went to prom story right now.


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One response to “The Mommy Blogs are getting boring

  1. Well, I’m a Mommy, although my youngest is 21 and my oldest is 32. lol Most of my posts are pretty funny. (Have a serious one up now about Obama’s speech) I don’t think I am too boring. So stop by and give my blog a peek! 🙂
    BTW, I had no idea there was any debate about Mommys and blogs. Must investigate further!

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