4 Years Old


Fuzzy Head has turned 4. Yes this is the sterotypical birthday post. Go ahead and yawn if you need to.

A couple of months ago when I realized that FuzzyHead was the age Puddin was when Fuz was born I started feeling bad. Because I knew that despite the best intentions and our best efforts Puddin sort of got ripped off. I mean they are about as cute as any human gets at this age and when she should have been queen of the family here comes an infant and trumps her.

And now FuzzyHead is doing it again. She’s just so darn cute she’s stealing all the attention. We’re doing our best but it’s hard because you just want to eat her up.

She’s starting to put herself out there just the smallest bit. My shy child. My clingy child. She is loosening her grip on me just the slightest little bit and putting a toe out there. And she’s doing just fine. I’m so proud of how she’s letting go even if it’s just a little.

So happy birthday Biddy Baby. Mama loves you as deep as the ocean. 


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One response to “4 Years Old

  1. Oh, sweet! It is a really cute age. In fact, I think our local paper had a bit on Sunday about why 4 is the perfect age.

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