Pool Building Day 9: Drawing and Marking the Plan

So today the foreman came and laid out the plan onto the yard and I had to sign off on it. I was a bit distracted because the Dr. was unsure of the placement. After much debate and discussion with the foreman I felt okay with the placement but ignored something else I later regretted. When I walked outside the foreman warned me that everyone always says it looks smaller than they imagined. Well it did.

And there is a reason. It’s smaller than what we drew. I didn’t question his measurements – because I always tend to cave rather than confront. But when The Dr. came home he insisted on getting out the measuring tape and it is in fact about 7 inches shorter and 2 inches narrower than what we drew and are paying for. Also the sun-shelf is not right I’ve decided.

So I called the foreman and he’s coming out early tomorrow to recheck everything before they start digging and I’m determined to be more assertive and to be satisfied.

Send me lots of stick to your guns vibes tomorrow people!!!



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