Finally Justice For Somer


It’s 158 days since Somer Thompson was snatched off the street walking home from school just a few miles down the road from here. She had been walking with her siblings and friends, gotten mad, walked ahead of them, and was suddenly and forever gone.

Today the Clay County Sheriff finally made an arrest. They are confident that Jarred Harrell did this terrible awful thing.  They have been slow and we hope very careful in how they have handled this case. We have hoped that the delay and lack of information was all about crossing every T and dotting every I so that it was air tight. It’s been frustrating as a parent, but we were hopeful.

What still has me upset though is how very preventable this all was. Harrell’s roommates found child porn on his computer last summer and turned it into police in August. The computer didn’t even make it to the state crime lab until September 25, the warrant wasn’t ready until Oct 9 and testing wasn’t completed until November 10. In the meantime on Oct 19th Somer was kidnapped and murdered by a man who should have already been put in jail.

It shouldn’t take this long for our state to act on this kind of thing. And it makes me wonder if being without his computer is what drove him to act in reality. How long can you let someone with those thoughts wander in the community and not worry about what he’s going to do next? I know you have to follow procedure but some things just deserve to be expedited. Had the police, district attorneys, and crime labs moved faster, she would be alive today.

Rest in peace Somer. Your murderer has been found. And here’s hoping we all find a little more peace and security knowing the monster has been caught and is off our streets.


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