Pool Building Day 14: The Cement Pond

This is the day we kept hearing about. The Gunite Day. The men at the pool company evidently LUVVV the Gunite day. “Get your video camera ready,”  they told us. We were very excited that it has finally arrived.

After a few minutes of watching it I was all, “Meh.” It’s kind of like watching paint dry.


So here is what happens… These guys park their truck of sand like substance out on the street. It’s dumped out the back and shifted like you would flour then the sand like substance is pumped through a great big hose.

DSC_1540     DSC_1544

This guy is on the other end of the hose which you can see also has a water hose (red) attached to it. The water is combined with the sand like substance right there at the end and some scary I-Don’t-really-want-to-know-the-details-it-can’t-be-safe chemical reaction occurs in about the nano-second it takes the stuff to fly out the end of the hose and it’s magically concrete.


And someone comes behind him and smoothes it all out with a flat edge.


Meanwhile these two guys stand around and talk about what to eat for lunch

DSC_1552 copy

You think I’m kidding? Check out the Gunite Shooting Video

So at the end of the day we ended up with this …DSC_1635



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