Pool Building Day 25

The pavers and coping bricks arrived today!


Yeah that was exciting right? Big pile of bricks…

So I thought I’d show you something I’ve been forgetting to mention (mostly because I plan to have nothing to do with it)

Prepare to be impressed because my friend.. THIS is an XJ-5000!

Really!?! You ask… an XJ-5000!?!

No, I have no idea what it is but it does make all the men in the neighborhood gather around it and drink beer and stare and and say things like XJ-5000 then drink another beer.


I do know that the grey thing on the back against the wall is called an Ozonater (not this kind of Ozonater) And it makes the men all make Man Noises and then scratch their balls.

It evidently means we’ll use about 80% less chlorine than a regular non-salt system. Which means my hair gets to stay red… yeah hair!

Also notice that part that says Missing Computer (not “missing” missing so much as it’s “just not installed yet” missing) … that’s right baby this things got Wi-Fi! Okay maybe not Wi-Fi but definitely infrared or something because you program it from inside the house with a remote (Groan… one more remote to keep up with).  I’m very happy though that I do not need to venture into the snakey side yard to deal with the pump.

And if you’ve come this far seriously you deserve a rewards so here is a sneak peek of the coping. (Contain yourself)



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