Pool Building Day 27 – Holy Moly The Things That Went On Today!

To say that the amount of activity that went on today more than made up for yesterday is an understatement. If I didn’t know better I’d think the paver dudes read the blog and were all “we’re going show her.”

First they pulled up and dropped of this fellow who worked all morning by himself cutting and placing the coping bricks. Here he is shaving (yes shaving) tiny wedges off the bricks so they can be all lined up pretty on a curve.


He makes these tiny little slices with that great big saw and then they all line up perfectly like this


Then right as he finished the coping the rest of the crew showed back up to start the decking. This guy was in charge of pounding dirt. Sawyer wanted to know why he was vacuuming the yard.


Then these to fellows started bringing out the leveling sand …


And all of a sudden it started looking like this!!!!


In case you think I’m the only one that keeps an eye on what’s going on, fear not. The cats are on it.

 DSC_2358 DSC_2376

Any way there was more pounding.


Then they started doing this weird thing with a string which you totally can’t see here but he’s drawing a line based on a string he’s got going from left to right. Then later we figured out he was setting the elevation of the sand because they went back and raked to the height he was carving out.


And then I went across the street to see a neighbor and came home and this was what I found. So yes they did quite a bit yesterday to make up for no work Tuesday.




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2 responses to “Pool Building Day 27 – Holy Moly The Things That Went On Today!

  1. Fun to watch…although more fun probably when it isn’t my back yard. My kids would lose their minds if they had a pool in the backyard!

  2. The kids are being surprisingly calm about the whole thing. Worries me that maybe they are saving up all the energy for when the thing is actually filled. These paver people have exhausted me with their on again off again issues. Glad that part is behind us. Well maybe.. still won’t be surprised if our foreman makes then do more sanding.

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