Pool Building Day 28 – I think I would rather have been paying taxes

Okay hands down this was the most nerve racking day so far. At the end of Day 28 I needed a box of wine. In fact it’s taken me a couple of days to get enough distance to be able write about it.

If you’ll remember when we last left the our story we were here.


The fellows showed up and started filling in the rest of the pavers


And as they got farther out they started laying out a visual of where the actual border and cut would take place. This is where I started noticing a problem

DSC_2415 copy

The problem really boils down to they try and train the sales guys to draw the pool plans and well frankly the guys who did ours I think wasn’t really that good at it. Good as in he didn’t account for the size of our plantings – and good as in he took what we said way too literally and wasn’t very “consultive” or creative.

So the drawings were off…  So off that I was able to visually catch a big error in the larger space. The problem is getting them to deviate from the plan is not easy. As a sub-contractor they can’t work outside the plan or they won’t get paid – and I get that. I also get that it’s my deck and I want what I wanted. So I got on the phone and started calling the pool company. The mistake was easy enough to correct.. too much product on one side, too little on another. But it took phone calls and people coming out and measuring measuring measuring but it seemed to get done.



They did make adjustments but the fact is the plan was flawed to start with. Then they got lazy and for all the measuring. They still managed to mess it up. Right here where the boss and the other guy are measuring!!

DSC_2412 copy

And then I actually took this picture and thought “this isn’t right but surely it will work out after all the crap we went through this morning”

DSC_2416 copy

But right after this I had to go in and get on about 3 straight hours of conference calls and had to just trust that it was going to work out. Then about 10 minutes before I got off the phone the Dr. got home and I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He sputtered and he fumed and he measured. Oh Gah did he measure and then I had to make him call the people again because frankly I thought if I called again they were going to hang up on me.

The story continues the next day…..


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