Day 32 – The day that just won’t go away

Something else happened on day 32 that I forgot to mention. They “yard clean-up” fellow came. Really the fellow was so unpleasant that I guess I just really tried to forget that part.

I will say that I was warned. The Foreman told me that the fellow who does their clean-up is also “the concrete guy” and when he gets a job to clean up after a paver deck he’s a bit snippy because he hates the paver decks that are so fashionable now and take money from his pockets (Dude – expand your product offering, how hard is that?!)

So anyway to call him “snippy” is being polite. Since I work from home, when a new crew or workman comes in I can hear and see them from the office and I usually make my way out and say hello. More than anything just to let them know I’m here and see if they need anything or have any questions for me. After that I leave them alone except to snap a few pictures. Most times they are very friendly and polite. This guy however…

I walked out the door onto the deck as he was whipping by in his bobcat and gave him a little wave. He stopped the thing, turned it off and with all the dramatic eye rolling and shoulder flopping that my 9 year old daughter uses to convey just how much pain her mother’s presence causes her said “Is there something you needed?”


I was actually shocked. “No,” I said, “I was just saying hello.” To which he said absolutely nothing, just restarted his Bobcat and went back to work. Ass. Hole.

A few minutes later the aforementioned baby fence guy showed up and he could not have been nicer so he totally made up for the asshat on the Bobcat.  But in the end my yard was graded and all the trash was removed. (Not all, they left some rebarb)

Which seemed like a good thing at the time and actually made me happy. What with all the clean and all but  … there is more to that story later.



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