Pool Building Day 35: Happy Earth Day Part 1 – Otherwise knows and the day they poured tons acid all into my yard

I’ve been putting off writing this post for days now. Mostly because well it was just so huge. In about 8 hours they cleaned the pool, installed the finish, and started filling her up. It was a bit overwhelming.

The day started as expected – the interior clean up crew arrived.


This very friendly fellow showed up and drained the mosquito pond ground water that was in the pool. ** Note for those outside of Florida – Our water table is not as deep as our pools, so unless the pool is full a hole must be cut in the bottom to allow ground water up in the pool. Otherwise it will pop up out of the ground like a great big bathtub**

After he had the junk out he started the acid wash … you know where this stuff is running right. Look up, did you notice the sump pump in the picture above that pumped all the ground water up and to the ground… yeah that hasn’t been moved.


DSC_2517 Remember the freshly graded soil above that was all ready for sod? Yeah not so much anymore.


To keep from hyperventilating (not a good idea given the fumes) over the hazmat area draining into my neighbors yard 2 days before their big party that is my yard I went over and took pictures of my pretty pretty solar powered fountain that I bought at Target last week. I love the earth really I do. Please dear earth forgive what they are doing to you today, because it’s not over yet.


More fun with chemicals to come…


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