Pool Building Day 37: The Green Green Grass of Home

Oh this was a day I had dreamed about. The day I would have grass again. At about 11:00 our 5 pallets of “Palmetto” (Shade tolerant) St Augustine grass arrived.


Did I mention IT WAS FIVE PALLETS!! Oh my that’s a lot of grass. It looked daunting but after being told by the grass delivery guy that had only 30 hours to get it down before it would die … we got to work.


This didn’t seem like too big a deal. Not Puddin’ was all “It’s just like a puzzle!” And were were all “Hush up and go play somewhere else.”

And at that point our awesome neighbors from the Perfect Neighborhood came over and said Let us take your children away all day to a church fair and we said Hell Yes.

Then we called the Oldest Neighbor Boy to come help. Thank goodness for teenage boys with expensive X-Box addictions. Their sweat is easily bought.

Best quote of the day: Oldest Neighbor Boy “This isn’t so bad, I’d rather do this than clean my room”

Note the remaining wet spot in the dirt from previously mentioned toxic waste dumping.


And Sister Mercy were we dirty! Trust me internet when I tell you this was the clean part of me.


But 6.5 hours and 5 pallets of sod later we once again have a green backyard.



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