Pool Building Day 49: Pool School

We had Pool School today and the keys were officially turned over to us. That means no more Alex/Alec – never did figure that one out. Notice there have been no pictures of him. He hurts my brain. I avoid him.  Clearly having spent way too much time around pool chemicals he’s a difficult at best to describe.

The sort of fellow who is asked a simple yes or no question and gives you back a 20 minute answer that had absolutely nothing to do with what you’ve asked. No joke he is completely incapable of answering a question with a simple Yes or No.

He also assumes every question is an argument in disguise and gives you 12 reasons why what he thinks your thinking is wrong.

And he likes to tell you all about equipment you don’t have  – For instance I know all about the different kinds of drain options I don’t have. When all I needed to know what about the one I do have.

I’m very glad Alex/Alec is gone.

I’m also very very glad the pool is in our control.

So there is is… Pool Built and completely turned over in less than 50 days. I’m told that’s amazingly fast. It was a long time for me. I’m glad it’s over.

I’m going to write a post about the pool building themselves – who I’ve neglected to name up to this point but I want to wait a bit for the whole process to settle a bit in my head. I probably need a bit of distance from them before I write about them.


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